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Hells Grannies Casino Slot Machine: Old-Aged Grannies Rock!

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How many stereotypes of elderly people do you know? Old people are weak and helpless? Old people are at peace with the world? Old people are boring? Forget about it! Some grannies drink alcohol, listen to rock music and ride a motorcycle! Wanna see them with your own eyes? Then run Hells Grannies by Microgaming, an amazingly rewarding and extremely exciting online slot that break all stereotypes of elderly people! Fortunately, you can test your gambling skills in the free mode before investing real money. We don’t recommend you to bet with cash until you’re inexperienced; otherwise, the cunning grannies will leave you empty-handed!
Technical Characteristics:

  • 5 reels and 25 pay lines.
  • Original graphics.
  • The lowest bet is 1 credit; the highest bet is 600 credits.
  • There are the Wild, the Scatter, and bonus rounds.